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  • You can clean the grass with a flexible rake or leaf-blower
  • Regular brushing with a soft, nylon-bristle broom will keep the fake grass clean and upright (Avoid steel brushes!)
  • Never use solvents! Washing artificial grass with water (cold or warm) is sufficient, but for harsh chemical spills please refer to the manufacturer.
  • To remove environmental spills – dirt, dust, bird dropping, pet stains – and other water-based spills – treat as you would normal grass.
  • Leaves and rough dirt: Simply brush, or hose, them away.
  • Fine dirt: Water away fine dirt, but be wary of removing too much infill material. On smaller indoor installations please vacuum up fine dirt.
  • Solids (e.g. chewing gum, pet faeces): Carefully scoop the solids up off the artificial grass.
  • Spilt drinks: Wash away with water.
  • Burning materials (e.g. cigarette, braai coals): Remove as soon as possible but there may still be turf discolouration. Burn marks can be professionally repaired, please refer these queries to your installer.
  • Flatness: Simply brush the grass fibre upright. A more regular brush ensures fibres may stay upright especially on high traffic areas.


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